Vacation in Budapest



graphic art
advertising / mass communication / print / public art
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The way we make something seen is the way they talk about us. As is well-known, it induced great astonishment when somebody began to speak in the first wooden box christened radio, and said that he is not there where he is "speaking" but kilometers away, at another place, where he is audible; and he went on to say that all these tricks and wizardry are the wonder of technology (...) so knowledge has made plans of and made approachable the territories (in this case the air which we cannot see because we are looking in vain since we can only see the air, that is, we see nothing – says language, who is also a Heavenly Delegate) that used to be invisible, that is, untrodden. (...) Here I am standing in front of KissRadio and trying to identify the non-figural forms on Ilona's canvas with my "rustle"-experience, (...). "Ladies and Gentlemen, you enjoyed the programme of KissRadio" – diminishes the voice of the speaker first speaking in the wooden box. (János Kurdy Fehér)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Budapesti vakáció
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Advertisement in a newspaper: Magyar Narancs, November 18, 1993 (p.28).
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