About this site:

This platform gives online access to the database which unites C3 Center for Culture & Communication Foundation's video archive and media art collection.

C3's video archive was initiated in 1997 and is unique in Hungary. Our purpose is to collect, preserve and archive Hungarian video art and to offer the interested audience an all-round access to content. Works by Hungarian artists produced from the beginning of the 1970's until today, and in addition, international materials can also be accessed as part of the collection. Furthermore, video documentation of all events organized by C3 since it became established can also be seen.

C3 collection contains media artworks that have been realised with the collaboration of C3, online artworks, works produced within the framework of the C3 residency program and the Studio Grant as well as the documentation of media art projects realised by C3. Also featuring in the compilation are artworks produced by C3 which were presented to the public in larger exhibitions or in the C3 Gallery for which their internet appearance was not their primary medium.

For more information please visit the archive page of the video archive (Hungarian only) and the collection's page.

Searching and browsing the catalog:

The catalog provides access to metadata and in most cases to media material as well related to over 700 artworks and almost 250 event titles and in addition several contextualizing resource material can be accessed. To these titles alltogether belogs 700 online video (most times in full length and high resolution, or rarely low resolution full length, or as a 30 sec. excerpt depending on the aggreement with the artist) and 1.200 photo.

We suggest using free text search or in case more specific requests the advanced search interface, where you can search by:

  • Person name
  • Work title
  • Category
  • Creation date
  • Type (genre)
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • (and their combination)

You can also browse by:

  • Persons names
  • Titles (all entries in the database in alphabetical order)
  • Types (in alphabetical order)
  • Keywords (in alphabetical order, but please note that this is a work in progress, therefore not all titles are annotated with keywords yet)



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