Shop within the Shop



installation art
consumerism / installation / public art / space / typography
Creation Date:
1993-11-01 - 1993-11-05
The new books placed on a shelf of the book shop are covered with dust-jackets each showing part of a photograph. It is like a puzzle, the books together give the whole picture. In the picture – based on a suggestion by Tamás St. Auby – we see the interior of a butcher's shop. The photo is scaled one to one. I would like to ask the audience to keep to the accepted norms of behaviour in a book shop. In order to facilitate this, the 'Shop within the Shop' offers the following possibilities: 1. The viewer is allowed to choose books from among those covered with a dustjacket (the placement of the books on the shelf can be read off the maps hanging there). Thus the picture receives a peculiar spatial structure. 2. There is also the possibility of buying the books covered with dust-jackets. So the picture becomes fragmentary and possibly disappears. 3. Naturally it is possible to ignore the picture altogether and to choose any other book. (B.B.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Szaküzlet a szaküzletben
Írók Boltja Könyvesbolt, Budapest / Writers' Bookshop, Budapest
Additional Information:
Writers' Bookshop (45 Andrássy Street, Budapest), book dedication on November 4, 1993.
"I have never liked going to the butcher's, but it always had a strange effect on me when I saw it on photographs." K.I.
"It was the first time in my life that I stole something in a book shop." P.I.
"I turned my back to the shop assistant and wrote my name into all eleven Greek mythologies." G.S.
Sixty covers on sixty books, color xerox, paper.
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