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object / photography
family / object / photography / renaissance / symbol
Creation Date:
Me and my son in the company of an owl in a pose reminiscent of a Renaissance Madonna can be seen on the photo. The slides are illuminated from the back, the way photographs were displayed in the subway a while back. Looking through the family album, I saw that the pictures are the medium between the events before and after exposure. My intention was to make the date above - which for me is a reminder of a certain time period - memorable with this picture. I have complemented this work with a work of mine completed in 1994 (Chess Variety), henceforth to be called Medium 1, and a family photo made in 1996 (Medium 2). In between Medium 1 and Medium 2 the bridge is the Reminder Photo, which we may call intermedia in this instance. The Reminder Photo and the family photo were both made by Nelly Kiss. (K.H.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Emlékeztető kép
Additional Information:
Photo, plexi glass, light box.