The World Generator: The Engine of Desire



computer art / installation art / interactive art / network art
3D / audiovisual / installation / interactive / interface / media art / metaphor / poetry / programming / virtual reality / world wide web
Creation Date:
1997 - 1999
"It is an interactive system which enables viewers to construct and navigate poetic worlds in real time based on an interactive template of potential choices. The system is facilitated through a new interface metaphor. At the bottom of the screen is a rotating set of container-wheels. A series of different wheels contains a variety of selections. The menu system contains the following set of wheels: 3d models; poetic text fragments; texture maps; audio objects; video and still texture maps; behaviours. The variables carry specific artistic content / fields of potential meaning. The viewer can manipulate these variables within 3D space. They can then enter into the world of these selections and navigate within this world. Two versions have been implemented. One version is a low-end version, driven by keyboard commands for implementation on the www. The second one is high-end, driven by a space-mouse and viewed on a projection screen in a darkened room. (...)" (B.S.,G.M.)

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Original Title (English):
The World Generator: The Engine of Desire