IPUT - International Parallel Union of Telecommunications

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1968 –
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The IPUT was founded under the codename Parallel Course / Study-Track. The goal of the Union is the realisation of the Subsistence Level Standard Project 1984 W. Following its long years of illegality, IPUT opened the first centre in 1975 in Geneva, at the start of the exile of the First Dispatcher. From 1975 to 1979, the preparation of the Five-Year-Plan was in process. Between 1979 and 1984, The Mutant, The Mutant Class and The 24th Canton were realised, and subsequently the practical extension of the Research for Anatomical Immortality came through. The results of the 12-year-long probe of Turba were presented by IPUT in 1996 at the Grotesque Centres in Budapest and in Geneva. In 1991, the Geneva Centre was robbed. Following the 1989 Hungarian State prank, IPUT opened its Near-East-European Homogenous Affiliate in Budapest, and from this office coordinates the post-1984 phases of Myth-Correction. Neo-Socialist Realist Turba-diagnostic around the clock, by appointment only.
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