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1999 –
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Extra-Territoria was initiated by Milica Tomic and Roza El-Hassan as artists, and Branimir Stojanovic as a theoretician. It started with an event in "Cafe Carmin" in September 1999 in Belgrade, as the first dislocation to Extra-Territoria. This was also the first step to the OVERPOPULATION campaign: the distribution of the overpopulation slogan through T-shirts, billboards, individual artworks, performances and actions. Branimir Stojanovic contributed and defined the concept of Extra-Territoria as the POLITICS OF ART. Politics of art puts forth the problem of how art institutions create a politics of representation and how these institutions erase (veil) their participation within those politics. It demonstrates a problem of distribution, and methods of circulation of ideas and the incarnation of concept and idea in the body of art. (2011)