Bacci Francesca

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She is the first Art Historian in Residence at Center for Mind/Brain Sciences in Rovereto . She was trained as an art historian and restorer in Italy (University of Udine) where she received her degree in Preservation of the Fine Arts. She completed her Ph.D. in History of Art, as well as a Curatorial Certificate, as a Fulbright Fellow at Rutgers University (USA). Her dissertation analyzed the role of photography in the artistic creation and apprehension of sculpture, the limitations and interpretative possibilities of the bi-dimensional renderings of three-dimensional objects, and the interplay between photography and scientific theories of vision and optics in the works of Italian sculptor Medardo Rosso. She has taught Methodology of the History of Art, European art from Gothic to Post-Impressionism and Themes in Nineteenth-century Art, for Rutgers University and Oxford Brookes. His co-editor of 'Art and the Senses' (with David Melcher, Oxford University Press, 2010). (2011)
still The “Monument of an Instant”: The Portrayal of Central and Peripheral Vision in the Work of the Italian "Impressionist" Sculptor Medardo Rosso presentation