Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus 2.0: re: mbrandt

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documentation / installation art / interactive art
2D / art history / human-machine interaction / image recognition / intelligent systems / interactive / interface
Creation Date:
2005 - 2006
Abstract paintings are displayed on the wall of the exhibition room, arranged similarly to exhibitions of historical collections in traditional museums. A special custom made mixed reality interface hangs in front of the paintings which acts as an intelligent videocamera. By watching the paintings through the screen of the interface, virtual three dimensional objects appear in front of them. The interface functions like a window that reveals virtual worlds apparently located physically in the real space, floating in front of the paintings. The virtual worlds are animated three dimensional reliefs made after famous paintings of Rembrandt. (Portrait of Agatha Bas 1641, Portraift of a Young Scholar 1631, Supper at Emmaus 1648). The statement of the installation comes from the tension between the physical reality of abstract paintings and the corresponding simulacrums made after the representational art of Rembrandt. (...) (Source: http://www.szmz.hu/rembrandt)

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Original Title (English):
Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus 2.0: re: mbrandt