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1. Retardation, 2. Streams of Balance, 3. Anti -zoetrope

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experimental film
moving image / sound-image interaction / special effects / still image
Creation Date:
1989 - 1990
1. Retardation. The raw material of the film is the motion of a face turning sideways, a gesture lasting a single second, recorded in 25 frames. All of the 25 frames are further fragmented into 25 fraction pictures and are shown in varying sequences, repeated 10 times in rapid succession. The question arises, does the face, segmented into tiny parts, reassemble in the mind of the viewer, do we recognize the original gesture, which has been stretched out into a sequence lasting some five minutes? Every picture segment corresponds to a specific pitch.
3. Anti-zoetrope. A boxing match takes place inside a circle approximately three meters in diameter with screens lining its perimeter. The camera circles around the row of screens at various speeds, recording the events through the gaps between the screens. The result is the creation of unique and virtually static images through considerable motion and effort. (D.M.)

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Original Title (English):
Inter - Images
Original Subtitle:
1. Retardation, 2. Streams of Balance, 3. Anti -zoetrope