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installation art / performance art
folklore / process / single-channel / symbol / version / video installation
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1. (...) A copy is a kind of interpretation; it conveys and errors, either in a positive and negative sense. 2. The greatest gift provided by video is simply the function of copying. (…) 3. I conceive that the relationship of the "electronic image" to statics may be tense, if not adversary. Naturally, similarly to its imperfect predecessor, the motion picture, it also projects still images one after the other, with the only exception of one image more per second. However it does not transilluminate an object, but it pans the incomprehensible screen with an incomprehensible ray. Or rather it reads (point by point) understandable pictures from some incomprehensible sensor. And it does this with remarkable speed, continuously, apart from some incomprehensible synchronic sign. In short my work is about the history of folk songs. They spread for a while in an idyllic environment by word of mouth, and they are sung by everyone. Then someone comes and puts them to music. (Z.Sz-M.)

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Nyitott mű
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