Energetic Angles



installation art
geometry / individual / physics / reality
Creation Date:
1975 - 1985
The works in The Energetic Angles series are the expression of my fascination about the existence of ANGLES in the form of intuitive geometry. This imaginary MODEL, created in the human mind, has been the primary driving force of my artistic activity for many years. I contemplate on how geometry, whose aims can solely be practical in its intentions, can function in art. I decided to create the ANGLE as an energetic cultural sign in a form of a personal fetish, in order to highlight this problem. I feel that having three angles at my disposal, I will be able to project them, in any form, onto so-called REALITY, and also onto my biological mechanism. With this encounter, I intend to generate a sense of electrical tension. The essence of this absurd work is TENSION, i.e., this articulation of the material that has already become independent of me. (J.R.)

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Original Title (English):
Energetic Angles