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installation art / video art
sound sculpture / sound-image interaction / space / time / transformation
Creation Date:
“The frames of the film follow each other in a temporal sequence, which we play in accordance with the time conception of our own lives. If we imagine time to be similar to the dimensions of space, we can also move freely in time. If we apply all this to a film, and we line up the subsequent two-dimensional frames behind one another in the direction of time (as the third dimension), the film will form a cuboid. The segments of this cuboid facing us are the frames of the film. If, however, we slice the cuboid perpendicularly to the plane of the original frames, we will have frames that show time. (...) The left side of the frames contain the beginning of the story, the right side reveals the end. In between we find the imprints of each and every instant of the story." (A. L.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Időnyomat zenészek