The Big Conference Table



installation art / public art
community / installation / politics / public art / violence
Creation Date:
1993-11-13 - 1993-11-30
We see the familiar picture every day: politicians sitting at a round or oval table, negotiating or signing agreements. My work is the more abstract pictorial equivalent of a conference table like this. I deliberately put it over the horizon of the eye so that it should lose its real character and so that it should refer to the universe as well. The seats around this are forming a semicircular shape, in accordance with the medieval representation of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The black circle on the left, which is standing against the wall, is a symbol of stability and permanence. The photos on the black oblong on the right are showing several famous conference tables, e. g. the white conference table of the United Nations. The black circle, elliptic disc is an architecture of the spiritual sphere. (...) Riot, upheaval, war, massacre, violence and finally the crisis extended to include the whole world. (É.S.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
A nagy konferenciasztal
Egyetemi Színpad Kávézója, Budapest / University Theatre Café, Budapest
Additional Information:
Painted wooden panel, xerox, ca. 200x500 cm.
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