installation art / video art
art history / food / mixed media / reconstruction / site-specific / video art / video installation
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I will borrow a work front an artist I admire and honor. His name is Jan Dibbets, and he lives in Holland – a West European country. Borrowing his work is a gesture similar to being a bank and borrowing capital, however, what I borrow is spiritual capital. What happens to such loans generally? First of all, they are either given back or they are not. Second of all, what happens to the Western loans that are drawn into the economic or spiritual circulation? The television news, the political programs and our magazines have developed a perfect routine for dealing with this matter. We can see the pictorial illustration of how others interpret the events for us any time we wish. It all becomes totally integrated into our own programs, i.e. into that peculiar montage in which there is a mixture of radically different points of views, sometimes very distant and sometimes very close. We know that each program is made according to somebody's interests and our choice is not accidental. (L.L.R.)

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Képző- és Iparművészeti Szakközépiskola, Budapest / Vocational School of Fine Arts, Budapest
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Pike, onio and huge slice of bacon, on which a work of Jan Dibbets is projected by the video projector. Jan Dibbets: 'Television as Fireplace' (1969, video film, 24 min, Courtesy Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam).
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