Telephone Booth Gallery



public art
action art / audio / communication / mail art / public art / telephone
Creation Date:
1993-11-22 - 1993-11-30
At seven different points of the city we opened up audio galleries in public phone booths. In the booths the viewer met with an immediate visual series of pictures, which interpreted the role played by signs in the context of communication. Topics: Sign - Environment - The viewer himself. The local Booth Galleries were connected to the Audio Studio. The studio could be called under the given phone number in order to exchange views and information concerning the pictures. Via the audio-communicative art chain thus created, the viewer or passer-by could directly participate in the act of creation of the artwork. The Booth Gallery is an indirect creation, expression of opinion - Indirect Audio Mail Art. The Audio Studio recorded the conversations and gave from time to time further information concerning the history or the temporal location of the pictures or about the audio picture resulting from the conversations. (...) (Zs.K.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Fülke Galéria
Additional Information:
Public telephone booths in different locations, Budapest:Március 15. Square
Deák F. Street
Egyetem Square
Sütő Street
Margaret Island, Óbuda
Szentháromság Square
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