Don't Travel - Travel!

"An Uncomfotrable Exhibition in My Living-Room"



installation art
ethnography / home / installation / lifestyle / privacy / site-specific
Creation Date:
1993-11-02 - 1993-11-21
The location for the boat would have been the Keleti Railway Station. This plan was frustrated. From then on I was seeking a new place for it. The road lead from public places through exhibition halls to my home. To live with it, to get accustomed to it. To have the unpleasant feeling of being locked up with it. One might give various answers to the question "Why at home?". I will not give an answer but instead I write down two different words, underlined: "Railway station, Home". After finding a place for the boat I went to hospital. Im my ward sometimes I imagined how the boat was passing it’s time at home. Perhaps there wasn't enough room for the two of us. I would modify the underlined words in the following way: "Railway station, Home, Hospital". When people came to transport the boat, the transportation of the coffin to the cemetery came to mind. I feel that this is the last station, the last underlined missing word: "Railway station, Home, Hospital, Cemetery". (B.K.)

More Information

Original Title (Hungarian):
Ne utazz - Utazz!
Original Subtitle:
„Egy kényelmetlen kiállítás a szobámban"
Kicsiny / Horitz lakás
Additional Information:
A common tin boat, borrowed from MAHART, covered with comics, in the living-room of the artist. The boat was moved in and out through the window. The size of the room: 500x450 cm.
The apartement was open to the public for three weeks, from 6 to 8 pm..
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