Floor Parables 2 - Studies for the Chalk Circle



installation art
drawing / installation / public art / site-specific
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(...) Although nowadays the chalk circle is referred to in connection with family affairs following a divorce, in literature it is an example of the failure of justice rather than that of separation. We considered "Floor Parables 2 – Studies for the Chalk Circle" as a model for the most essential type of conflict due to the changing of the political regime and later we were delighted to find "Polish Chalk Circle ", an article by Adam Michnik, where the same allegory was used to describe the situation following the change of the political regime (this piece was originally published in Gazeta Wyborcza, December 31, 1993, the Hungarian translation came out in the March issue of Mozgó Világ). The reason why we had the same idea six months before that was that we wanted our work to function as a criticism of the changing of the political regime (child = future), although by no means dependent on the frame of reference of hot-tempered day-to-day policy making. (...) (Á.E.-T.V.)

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Padló példázatok 2. - Tanulmányok a krétakörhöz
Budapesti Tanítőképző Főiskola / Teacher Training Collage
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Planned location: Municipal Central District Court 25 Markó Street, Budapest.
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