Liquid Perceptron



computer art / installation art
computer art / neurobiology / perception / simulation / video installation
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The brain is a network that consists of 10 billion neurons. On the one hand, it works as a stimulator and, on the other hand, as a simulator. Neurons can be excited through external stimuli and thereby led to an oscillatory state. Via axons and synaptic connections these stimuli are transmitted to adjacent neurons. This leads to a global pattern formation of brain activity. The brain remains in activity even if there is no external stimulus, which means that it simulates, for example, when we are dreaming. However the stimulator and simulator cannot be strictly treated separately. One may think of the famous deprivation tank experiments where the test persons who are fully de-coupled from external stimuli very quickly start to hallucinate. The installation "Liquid Perceptron" is a simulation of a neuronal network that is excitable through the external reality. The open loop state of the brain shows wave-like fluid patterns. (...) (H.H.D.,S.S.)

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Liquid Perceptron