Monitor Protector 2000



installation art / object / video art
design / folklore / installation / mixed media / tradition / video
Creation Date:
Artwork of the new generation of embroidered kitchen blessing-cloths. While embroidering, when I progress from stitch to stitch, I fill my time, or more precisely, I STITCH my time; I do not think that "I am doing my duty", but that I am not doing it – since I am doing something ostensibly untimely. Albeit timely (time-like) taken literally fills up my time just the same, and I think that embroidery, as a kind of tapestry, can be a document that remains for several hundred years (there is not yet any photo so old as embroidery), and this could last as the sole authentic portrayal of the players in my life, e.g., David Bowie, Tamás Ilauszky, Gábor Roskó, Juli Vécsei, my grandmother and myself, too. Embroidery of wall-coverings is obviously not the most contemporary artistic technique; notwithstanding, I try to actualise these pictures – which are truly parts of my life – a bit for the outside world, and for myself as well. (...) (E.Á.Sz.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Műsoros képernyővédő 2000
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Mixed media, video, embroidery.