Lisboa III



installation art / photography
installation / photography / viewer
Creation Date:
On the photos which I made in Lisbon, one can see black and white cobblestones. Two photos were made on one negative frame; the pictures photographed on top of one another complement each other: in one picture there are white cobblestones and in the other are black and vice versa. The second time black stones were placed on white stones. In this way the black and white stones "added up" and the pictures became gray. The original patters can only be distinguished from one another from the direction or difference in size of the stones. The photos are placed on the floor of the exhibition room and the visitors can only look at the photos by walking on them in special felt slippers. In this way, a special relationship develops between the viewers and the works: the visitors look at the pictures in an irregular way, but by walking on the works, the emphasized, detached situation of the artwork is questioned. (Á.Sz.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Liszabon III.
Additional Information:
Photo, particle board.