computer art / installation art / video art
computer art / game / interactive / process / video installation
Creation Date:
1997 - 1998
The title, as well as the structure of the work, is borrowed from Bridge. San (from the French sans atout) means a play without a trump card. In such cases, it is only the hierarchy that counts; neither colour has the advantage. I used people in place of cards, in an everyday action. Always in pairs – so that the symmetry (the symmetry of playing cards) would be attained, visibly, to the fullest extent possible. Horizontally, rather than vertically. Between the pairs – i.e., one card – appears the next card, the next even one. This works in such a way that their succession and hierarchy derive from the symmetry of the card itself. When the camera arrives to one of the pairs, their action appears in the center of the next playing card. This card is perpendicular to the preceding one. And so it proceeds all the way through. In other words, there are two planes in the space, perpendicular to one another. (...) (L.L.R.)

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Werkleitz Gesellschaft (Tornitz, D) production, within the framework of the EMARE grant programme.