The Tin Roof



installation art / sound art
audiovisual / interactive / sound installation / sound sculpture / surveillance
Creation Date:
The Tin Roof is an audio installation, an audible sculpture. A sculpture in which the listener is at the same time a part of the object, as well as a part of the function. The Tin Roof is a roof covered with zinc sheets, like the roofs in Paris. On the roof, four antennas are set up. A hearing aid, a sort of headphone, enables the visitor to listen to the noises and voices coming from underneath the roof's surface. The visitor is given the possibility to get closer to the life underneath the roof, to listen to the noise of an imaginery house whose inside is projected to the outside via the four antennas. Each of the antennas describe a different aspect of the house and its inhabitants. Walking on the roof, the visitor can mix the four sound sources in her/his hearing aid. The strength of the signal depends on the distance of each antenna. The electronic recipient in the hearing aid selects by her/himself the field with the most operational readiness level. (...) (S.P.)

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Original Title (English):
The Tin Roof