Relax Stage



computer art / installation art / interactive art / sound art
computer art / interactive / sound installation
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Concept: The new developments in the field of technology offer us very specific applications. It will bring us more of the same solutions in multimedia, instead of creative innovative applications where the issue is reinventing and inventing technologies. Realisation of this project allows the user to interact with a new interface. The surface of the whole picture screen is interactive and the position of the cursor generates the sound beats. The user can create different melodies playing with the content of sound beats. The main issues in this solution is looking for (meta)connections and playing with the context between the sound beats of the music. This will end in an application where the outcome will be bigger than parts of the whole.
Event: The computer automatically begins to play a melody which reminds of a Beatles melody. This beaks apart by the users mouse actions enabling the users to always create different melodies. (A.N.)

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Original Title (English):
Relax Stage
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Mac Power PC, projector, loudspeaker.