I Like the Way It Walks; I Like the Way It Talks



installation art / video art
clip / distortion / multi-channel / special effects / video installation
Creation Date:
In this installation I deal with a triple structure. The painting within the installation functions as a source; the concentration of events, places, emotions, etc., taking place in time and space for over longer periods and in various locations. Perhaps the reason I have chosen this painting is because, although it represents a single, much too film-like moment, the setting however, fundamentally (arising from its nature), deals with summarization. Opposed to this, it shows the action as a still-photograph. Thus, the source image, at least I consider it so, conveys that manifoldness which I aim to achieve with the assemblage of the installation. In this respect the video installation is also a borderline case between painting-like condensation and narrative film dramaturgy. The use of the photograph enhances this borderline case, by attempting to demonstrate its outsider-quality. (L.L.R.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Tetszik, ahogy sétál; Tetszik, ahogy beszél ...
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