Parasita*. SR



computer graphics
architecture / coincidence / graphic / programming / sculpture / virtual reality
Creation Date:
Parasite * SR was made for the international project Working Space II , subtitled The Genes of Architecture. Within the limits of the computer, we investigated the phenomena that simulate a sculptural representation of this architectural construction within the virtual space of the computer. The organisers of the project urged the participants from different countries to freely borrow details from each other’s work and to observe the changes that the integration of alien influences had on our own work. The integration of one such element into my own work had a destructive result, which manifested in the form of my building exploding into a pile of debris. What really happened was that after having taken full advantage of the software, it was unable to execute a new command. As a result, the independently created marks were linked accidentally in virtual space, and thus we could witness the creation of an entirely new construction. (A.K.)

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Original Title (English):
Parasita*. SR
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Computer print on high-gloss paper 85x105 cm.