Bird- (and Picture-) History



installation art / painting / photography
animal / installation / narrative / painting / perspective / photography / text
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English, Hungarian
PIGEON STORY. Monday, 28 September 1998. It has been raining for days now. I found this baby pigeon one morning before 10am. She was resting on the edge of a ledge about as high as my waist that runs around the back entrance of the Mûcsarnok/Kunsthalle (on the City Park side). She was black, didn’t move and was soaking wet. She didn’t even notice when I stopped to look at her. She was crouched on the decorated edge of the relief with one foot hanging over the edge and the rest of her body glued to the wall. Her dumb state made me think that she had just had her first flight that dawn from one of the nests at the corner of Mûcsarnok’s back cornice. She must have gotten wet on the ground, and the highest place she could reach was this spot protected against the rain. (...)Tuesday, 29 September (...) 1-16 October (...)17 October. The pigeon didn’t come today and hasn’t since. (D.M.)

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Original Title (Hungarian):
Madár- (és kép-) történet
Additional Information:
The parts of the installation: Quod libet 32, 1997, plywood board, acrylic, 48.8x240 cm; 5 sheets of A/4 paper with text; 4 colour photographs, 60x40cm.