Dudesek Karel

Person Type:
Life Span:
1954 –
Country of Birth:
Czech Republic
Born in Prague. He is currently editor of 'MAZINE.WS', an online portal and co-director of the 'Takeaway Festival' in London. He emigrated to Vienna (1960) then he studied visual art in Vienna and Düsseldorf (1972). He made performances and visual art work in New York and London from 1975. He is a co-founder of Minus Delta T in Zürich with Mike Hentz and Bernhard Müller (1978), the group performed the Bangkok Project - Asia and the East, transporting a rock weighing 5,5 tons from Wales to the Himalaya. He was an editor of the Überblick art magazine in Düsseldorf (1979). He took part in Documenta 8 in Kassel where he presented the radio station for 50 days, as the first private radio in Germany. At the Frankfurt Book Fair he realized the first radio project with the state radio HR then he founded the Van Gogh TV as the first independent TV station (1988). The Van Gogh project was presented during an Eastern European Tour, a USA tour and in Japan. He taught at University of Innsbruck in Austria and at University Luneburg in Germany (1996). He initiated projects for developing network models, such as the Van Gogh TeleVision Seevetal (Niederschsen) which is an experimental laboratory for digital network applications (1995). (2011)
still Van Gogh TeleVision: “Worlds Within” presentation