Gržinić Marina

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1958 –
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Marina Grzinic was born in Rieka, former Jugoslavia (Croatia). She is currently living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts. She is a free-lance curator, media-specialist, author, and is also active as a media artist. She received her Ph. D. at the University of Ljubljana; her thesis was on the philosophical aspects of virtual reality and changed time-space paradigms. Her main area of research is the relationship between society, visual arts and the media, particularly in the post-communist areas. Some of her important publications on this topic include "Fiction Reconstructed New Media, (Video) Art, Postsocialism and Retroavant-Garde" (Ljubljana 1997; Zagreb, 1998). She was co-director of the project entitled 'Symposium and University Network Mind the Map! History is not given' initiated by the IRWIN group of Ljubljana and organized by Berlin and Leipzig (2005). Since 1982 she has been working together with Aina Smid, art historian from Ljubljana. They have been looking at the potential applications of video and various other media. In their works, they depict images of political events or natural disasters with visual elements from the world of pornography; in their construction of scenes, they borrow from the world of thrillers. Their latest video: 'Seizure – Rewriting counter-histories, video' (2015). (2016)
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