Hámori József

Person Type:
Life Span:
1932 –
Country of Birth:
Born in Fegyvernek (Hungary). Having graduated in 1955 as a research biologist from the School of Natural Sciences of ELTE University he then went on to a structural study of vertebrates' central nervous systems at Pécs Anatomy Department headed by János Szentágothai. Apart from doing research he teaches too, in Hungary, in the USA, in Germany in Rome, London as well as at Oxford. He served as President of Janus Pannonius University, Pécs (1992-1994), and presided over the Hungarian Convention of University Presidents in 1993-1994. He held a government post as Minister of Cultural Heritage between July 1998 and January 2000. The main fields of his research: Synaptic organisation of the cerebellum and the sub-cortical centre of the visual system; the development of the nervous system in general, and that of neural networks in particular; plasticity of the developing and mature nervous system. (Source: http://www.mta.hu/index.php?id=853&no_cache=1&sword_list[]=J%F3zsef&sword_list[]=H%E1mori) (2005)