RybczyƄski Zbigniew

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1949 –
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He studied fine arts and cinematography. Has worked and lived in Poland, Austria, the United States and Germany. Author of experimental films and videos. Computer programmer and inventor of several machines for the production of film, video and computer images. Since the early 1970s in Poland, he produced short animation and experimental films predominantly on 35mm film, although he did use electronic media very early on (selection): Zupa (1974), Mein Fenster (1979), Tango (1980) - Oscar for best animation film. In the USA he has made, apart from his films, numerous music video clips, amongst others: Simple Minds, Pet Shop Boys, Yoko Ono, Lou Reed, John Lennon, Art of Noise, and Mick Jagger, which were acclaimed above all for their innovative visual language. In HI-vision he produced Steps (USA, 1987), prize-winner at Rio International Film Festival; The Orchestra (1990) - Grand Prix, A.V.A. Festival in Tokyo, EMMY for Special Effects, Prix Italia, HI-Vision Award, Tokyo; Kafka (1992) - Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival, International Electronic Cinema Festival, Tokyo-Montreux. Over the last few years, Rybczynski has undertaken intensive research and development work on a series of new special effects processes. At the Academy of Media Arts, he now holds the Chair in Experimental Film. (2009)
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