Vasulka Woody

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Life Span:
1937 –
Country of Birth:
Czech Republic
Born Bohuslav Peter Vasulka in Brno. He studied metal technology and hydraulic mechanics at the School of Industrial Engineering, Brno, where he received a baccalaureate degree in 1956. Later he attended the Academy of Performing Arts, Faculty of Film and Television, in Prague. The Vasulkas met in Prague in the early 1960's, married, and moved to New York City in 1965. There, Woody worked as a multiscreen film editor, experimenting with electronic sounds, stroboscopic lights. They founded The Kitchen, a media arts theater with Andreas Mannik (1971). They established the first annual video festival at The Kitchen. In these early years, Steina and Woody collaborated extensively on investigations of the electronic nature of video and sound, and on producing documentaries about theater, dance, and music. Woody turned his attention to the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor. He began to build the Digital Image Articulator working first with Don MacArthur and then Jeffrey Schier (1976). This device introduced him to the principles of digital imaging and he has continued to produce work in video, three-dimensional computer graphics, and media constructions. He is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Art, Polytechnic Institute in Brno since 1993. Their publication ’Vasulka Lab 1969-2005’ was commissioned by VIVID (Birmingham-based arts organisation), 2006. (2011)
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1996-01-20 - 1996-02-25