Akemi Takeya

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1961 –
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Lives and works in Vienna. She is creator of numerous dance, video and performance pieces. She has collaborated with Wolfgang Mitterer, Christian Fennesz, Tetsuo Furudate, the group Granular Synthesis, Ong Ken Seng, Benoit Lachambre among the others. She was awarded the Austrian Dance Production Prize for her solo performance 'Drowning Fish' (1999). Her notable further solo performances are 'Yuragi' (2000), 'Terror by a blind stranger'(2001), 'Black Honey Drops' (2001). She conceived and coordinated the AJ Project, the Austria x Japan Dance and Performance Exchange Program which took place in Yokohama (2002), Vienna, Budapest, and Prague (2003). She created 'Weathering' (2004) and 'ce_l' (2005), an audiovisual environment in musical collaborator with Ulf Langheinrich. She presented 'Lemon Synthesizer Project', 2010., anti*Clockwise: Performance Piece by Akemi Takeya with Nikoletta Korkos, Veronika Zott (2013) (source: http://www.akemitakeya.com/?page_id=1855) (2011)
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