Langheinrich Ulf

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Life Span:
1960 –
Country of Birth:
Lives and works in Vienna (Austria) and Accra (Ghana). He moved to Western Germany 1984. He had a period of study in industrial design in Halle, painting courses and audio-experiments using pipe organs, harmoniums and multiple tape machine environments. In West Germany he set up a studio for electronic music and developed the basics of his musical language and engaged in painting, drawing and photography. 1988 a studio at the WUK (Werkst├Ątten und Kulturhaus) was put at his disposal in Vienna. Between 1988 and 1991 he was involved in the founding of the multimedia group Pyramedia and had joined the board of directors of the independent cultural organization WUK for two years. 1991 he and Kurt Hentschlaeger founded the Media-Art collaboration Granular Synthesis (1991/2003). Their projects o.a.: Modell5, Noisgate and POL. Currently he collaborates with Japanese dancer Akemi Takeya, Toshiko Oiwa ('MOvement A' and 'Movement ', 2010) as well as British Artist Gina Czarnecki (Spintex). (source: (2011)
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