Aleinikow Igor

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He was born in Grosny, and he has died in a plane crash in 1994. He graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). In 1980 he began to work with 8 and 16 mm film, from 1986 he has worked with his brother Gleb Aleinikov. In the 1980s the Aleinikov brothers belonged to the Moscow Conceptualist school and took active part in art underground activities, working in such genres as mailart, bookart. During the late eightees he organized independent filmfestivals and worked on feature films as well, in 1987 he founded the Parallel Cinema with his brother and taught at the Moscow and Leningrad Free University's Individual Direction Studio. He made shortfilms, experimental films and full-length films as well, the aesthetics and ideology of these films were absolutely incompatible with the canons common for soviet cinema. (2011)