Dhomont Francis

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Life Span:
1926 –
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Born in Paris. He is a composer of electroacoustic, acousmatic music. He studied composition under Ginette Waldmeier, Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. In the late 1940s he intuitively discovered with magnetic wire what Pierre Schaeffer at about the same time came to call musique concrète, consequently conducting solitary experiments with the musical possibilities of sound recording. In 1963 he decided to dedicate his time to electroacoustic composition utilising natural sounds. Performances in public of his music are done using the French "diffusion" technique over multiple loudspeakers. His work consists exclusively of tape pieces using natural, or "found" sounds, exploring morphological interplay and the ambiguities between sound and the images it may create. He is the editor of several electroacoustic music journals, and has produced many radio programs for Radio-Canada and Radio-France. He divided his time between France and Québec (1978/2005), where he taught at the Université de Montréal from 1980 to 1996. He was a founding member of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. He currently lives in Avignon (France) and regularly presents his works in France and abroad. A great traveller, he frequently participates in juries. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Dhomont) (2011)
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