Baginsky Nicolas Anatol

Person Type:
Life Span:
1961 –
Country of Birth:
Born in Grafeling, lives and works in Hamburg. He works as a "sculptor, programmer, mechanic, woodworker, teacher, musician, robot designer, decorator, blacksmith, theatrical setdesigner, instrument builder, performer, electronics manufacturer, neural network designer, roadie, photographer". The themes of his works are the capabilities and features of cybernetic machines and independently operating sculptures with the possibility of mutual influence between the machine and the viewer. He founded the artist group 'Humunculus Project' (1987) and the performance group 'COAX Project "Archetyp"' (1988) wich evolved projects in the area of cybernetic machines, robots, music and dance in. He was guest professor at Hochschule für Künste in Bremen (1994/95), at ZKM in Karlsruhe (1997/98) and at Merz Akademie (Stuttgart, 2005). (2011)