Eperjesi Ágnes

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1964 –
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She was born in Budapest. She received her master's degree in visual communication from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in 1990, also where she received her DLA degree in the fields of photography and typography. Her artwork lays in the border area of photography, graphics and painting, she gives a sensitive response to social questions such as the situation of women, the difficulties of identity or nature conservation. Her works can be found in public collections such as the Budapest Ludwig Museum, the National Gallery in Budapest and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the United States. In these past years, she has been intensively exploring the questions of education. In 2010, she taught a photo course at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She has also been admitted to several residency programmes, for example in Buenos Aires (2007), New York (2005, 2006), Salzburg (2004) and in Rome (2000). (2011)
still Floor Parables 2 - Studies for the Chalk Circle installation art
still Visual Experiments 3. video art
1989-09-18 - 1989-09-22